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We have looked at the changing urban landscapes characterized by iconic works of architecture featuring media façades. We have also explored the trends, challenges & possibilities of designing media façades.

In this issue, we now look at common application scenarios and the recommended media façade solutions for accomplishing various design concepts.


The Simple

Need to showcase exquisite product or branding images in pristine resolution to create intrigue from the first point of contact?

Solution: Add a High Resolution Media System for crisp imaging that will ensure even finely-detailed images are vibrant and clear.

This application for interior design company Tischlerei Mayrhofer is instantly enhanced without speaking a word through the use of vivid imagery.


Need to add media canvases to buildings currently in use without obstructing the view, and without reconfiguring the previously designed and built façades?

Solution: Configure a semi-transparent media layer with String RGB, which can be mounted with clips directly on the surface or mounted on DIN rail; or with Mesh RGB, which features an acrylic grid system.

Mesh RGB effortlessly installed on this existing structure displays an art concept and offers a wall-spanning media experience across two sides of the education institute YBM GangNam Center.

The Elaborate

Need to configure a large-scale media screen over a façade with intricate architectural details that need to be complemented or highlighted?

Solution: Incorporate an array of Media Tubes when the architectural design concept requires the media scenario to be expressed in ribbons of light or graphical content; or outline the desired media scenarios with Dot XL when great flexibility in terms of pixel pitch and fixture positioning is demanded to fit unusual surfaces or contours.

The façade of National Stadium - Lima, Peru can now be illuminated with more than 100 distinctive scenarios visualized in linear patterns.

The iconic façade of the HSBC Headquarters Hong Kong, China is turned into an effective platform to strikingly communicate the celebration message.


Seeking a holistic architectural concept that is composed of multiple media screens positioned on different areas of a façade or on different façades of a structure?

Solution: Develop a cost-efficient, hybrid solution that combines several media solutions or varied image resolutions in different areas while still achieving a cohesive appearance.

The story of Oskar-von-Miller-Tower is told using two different elements – the university’s logo and live weather data – efficiently displayed through two different solutions.

The entire façade of the magnificent Grand Stade Lille Métropole stadium is clad in IMAGIC WEAVE® with three areas of varying resolution catering to different communication needs.


The Unconventional

Need media elements to merge into the fabric of urban architectural materials?

Solution: Clad the façade in ALUCOBOND media®, which allows a full integration of LEDs and sleek aluminum panels for modern architectural expression, or cover it in an intimate, transparent IMAGIC WEAVE® media façade to display dynamic visual imagery to the outside world while still allowing ambient daylight to shine through.

Displaying multi-media communications, Skolkovo Hypercube’s futuristic media façade also gives those inside a good view of the outside, and connects interior and exterior space.

Need to display media content over a curved or three-dimensional architectural surface?

Solution: Incorporate a flexible solution that is not confined to a rigid, pre-determined form or structure, such as Dot XL or String RGB, which allow three-dimensional arrangements of pixels to create complex curved screens.



Want a truly one-of-a-kind architectural showpiece?

Solution: Use a customized media façade solution to realize an extraordinary design concept.

This award-winning, interior-mounted media façade solution, tailor-made for Baku’s Flame Towers, projects a seamless flow of imagery across every window and floor, and all three towers.




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